Power To The People!

Laura Wasser knows better than anyone that getting divorced is a costly bitch ... but, thankfully the disso queen's got ya covered.

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How to Have an Amicable Divorce with Your Spouse: 4 Tips

My divorce happened suddenly, catching me totally unaware.  With an 8-week-old baby daughter to care for, I was definitely not expecting to be dealing with a marriage break up.  But that’s exactly what I was doing!

After having some time to accept my new marital status, I understood very quickly I had a choice as to how I would conduct myself in our impending Divorce.  There were two very separate pathways I could follow in my Divorce.

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Infographic: Traditional Divorce vs Online

Divorce isn’t fun for anyone, and lawyers don’t exactly turn a difficult situation into a non-stop party.

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Family Law: How Forensic Accountants Help You During a Divorce

So, What is a Forensic Accountant?

When I tell people that I am a forensic accountant, the first question I am usually asked is – “So, do you look for all the hidden money?” And while sometimes we get to be the pocket-protector version of James Bond and search for hidden funds in a secret offshore account, that is not what forensic accountants typically do.  Rather, we are here to determine the parties’ income, value the parties’ estate, and assist in dividing the estate.

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When To Get Divorced: 10 Questions to Ask to Know You’re Ready

The decision to start the divorce process is anything but or fun, and you have some serious soul-searching to do if you're considering ending your marriage. Soon-to-be-divorced partners need to ask themselves how a divorce will affect their financial, familial, social and emotional status, and, sometimes, the answers are not comforting. To clarify your options, here's are some questions you should ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to get divorced.

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