Co-Parenting: 5 Tips for Dads from My Own Experience

My co-parent and I had no idea when we started sharing joint custody with our son who turned 5 and our daughter 7 ½ that we were on the cusp of a major societal shift back then.  

At the time, it was unusual for fathers to request and receive a 50-50 time split.  The usual ‘Freeman Order,’ ironically named after a judge in Los Angeles who routinely gave fathers alternating Saturday overnight to Sunday afternoon and every Wednesday dinner, simply would not cut it.  

Fully involved with feeding, changing diapers and clothing, putting the kids down to sleep, being there to play when they woke...

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How to Handle Child Support in a Online Divorce

Orders for child support are one of the key elements of divorce with children, and if anything goes wrong with the arrangement you've made, the consequences can be disastrous for everyone involved. A bad child support order can leave the paying parent unable to cover the cost, the recipient parent unable to make ends meet, and the children of a divorced or never-married couple in poverty and neglected as their custodial parent sacrifices time with them to work a second (or third) job. Getting child support right is vital to everybody in the family, and hammering out a good deal gets a lot...

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What is Alimony and How Do Courts Determine How Much I Will Get?

Throughout the process of your online divorce, one of the main issues you and your separating spouse will need to address is alimony, or permanent spousal support. Even with the best intentions, the idea of spousal support can be tricky. The supporting spouse does not want to feel taken advantage of, and the supported spouse wants to make sure they will have the means to survive. In this post, we will examine   permanent spousal support, and identify the different factors that California Courts look at to determine alimony payments. With this information, as well as the other tools and...

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Paying Alimony: Everything You Need to Know

Alimony refers to funds that one ex-spouse is legally obligated to pay the other following a divorce. It's sometimes referred to as spousal support, but it is very different from child support and should never be treated as the same thing. You can't, for example, cut back on ordered child support because you feel like the alimony you pay is more than enough. In fact, the courts consider alimony and child support completely separately. Whether you are going the traditional route or filing for an online divorce, you should keep them separate too.

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Can I Lose Child Custody for Smoking Weed?

What Happens When Weed Finds its Way into Your Divorce

A little over a year ago voters approved adult use cannabis in California and at midnight on November 8, 2016, it was officially legal for Californians, 21 and over to possess and use cannabis. But legal doesn’t mean a free pass. Cities can still restrict marijuana businesses, employers can still impose a zero tolerance pot policy, and courts can and will consider its use in child custody cases. Being informed of the law may keep you from ending up in trouble in the first place. So what happens when weed finds it way into your divorce...

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